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We look at computer screens for longer and longer, eye stress is constantly increasing.
Too much eye stress can cause symptoms like

red, tired, dry eyes
neck pain
sleep disorders

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Usually only the symptoms are treated with headache pills, sleeping pills, massage or physiotherapy, which costs a lot of money and a lot of your precious time.

Common recommendations for eye stress are taking a break, going out into the daylight, eye training, eye relaxation exercises, which usually don't work in practice, or don't work as well as they could because it steals too much of your precious time and requires a lot of discipline

The blue light filter glasses help against blue light, but not against the overall eye stress.

That's why I've developed a new method that has been tried and tested a thousand times over to combat eye stress on the screen, RELAXGLASSES®.

The special thing about the RELAX GLASSES® is that your eyes stay relaxed WHILE you look at the screen.

The RELAXBRILLE® is tailored and calculated in a unique way to your personal screen situation, so that you can see your screen effortlessly and in focus all those many hours until late in the evening.

Do you have symptoms or would you like to prevent discomfort from eye stress, then make an appointment now and we will see whether the RELAXGLASSES® will help you against eye stress.

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RELAXBRILLE®  –  RELAx your eyes  – RELAx your life